“The Natural Place to Play and learn’ is the ethos that Monmar Nursery is built upon”

Baby Room

A dedicated room for 0-18 month old with specialized curriculum and interactive tools to help promote learning at the earliest development stage…

Toddler Room

The toddler room for 2-3 Years old, we use curriculum for children to stimulate their body and mind and develop a lifelong love of learning…

Preschool Room

The preschool room for 3-5 year olds. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, we prepare your child for their start to school.

Why choose Monmar Nursery?

We are a private Nursery located in South Norwood, with great access to all forms of public transport.
At Monmar we understand that play is vital to children’s learning and development. Not only is play lots of fun, it helps children to understand the world around them and to develop emotionally and socially. It is essential for children to have opportunities to play in a safe, secure, fun and stimulating environment with adults who care about them. Children will develop in confidence without feeling pressured.

Our children will be ready to fulfil their potential. We invest heavily in equipping our nursery with the best quality nursery resources.


Meet The Team

Our staff have certificates in paediatric first aid, food hygiene an attend numerous training sessions.

Classroom Facilities

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop our settings to maximise their potential and ensure they meet all elements of the evolving Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. Our facilities are structured around the following age groups, babies 0-18 months, toddlers 2-3 years old and preschool 3-5 year old.

Chairs in Montessori Kindergarten Preschool Classroom Interior

0 – 18 Months

In our baby room, we have nurtured a safe, caring and stimulating environment within our nursery. We use movement, sound, colour and touch, while babies are encouraged to explore, develop and above all, enjoy their nursery atmosphere. We also have dedicated baby outdoor areas for your child to enjoy and they will receive freshly prepared healthy food, with all milk bottle feeds made by senior staff members.

We strive to mirror the childcare you give your child including the feeding habits, nappy changes and sleep routines. This is made possible through regular contact with your child’s qualified and experienced key person.

2 – 3 Years Old 

Whilst maintaining a caring environment at Monmar nursery, every activity in our Toddler Rooms is considered a learning opportunity. These are more structured than the Baby Room activities but are above all, fun and stimulating. Toddlers are encouraged to build self-confidence, develop their language skills, undertake creative play and learn to relax at story time.

Your child’s experienced, nominated key person will also work closely with you to mirror the potty training routine you use at home and match your childcare process as closely as possible.

The Toddler Rooms & Pre-School also benefit from a quiet area for sleeping/rest with additional access to gardens and outdoor learning environments.

3 – 5 Year Olds

At Monmar nursery, our Pre-School is to ensure your child is ready for mainstream school. Our staff, many with Early Years Professional Status and qualified up to degree level, follow the key areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The structured programme of activities is rich and varied and includes music, science experiments, creative play, gardening and more. Your child’s day is full with learning experiences.

We combine both adult-led and child initiated activities to encourage independent learning and motivate children to link together their areas of development. The children in our preschool also have access to a gardens and outdoor learning environments too.

We also help parents continue their learning at home through contact with your nominated key person and an updated learning journal.

Our Results Speak for themselves!

Our preschool children excel by the time they enter kindergarten. Our program is designed to help all preschoolers prepare for a life pursuit of knowledge by expanding their understanding of the world around them while introducing both the written and spoken language.

Happy Kids
Happy Parents

Our nursery was assessed to be Good by OFSTED


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